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Sensitive Scalp & Children's Hair

A sensitive scalp can cause significant discomfort like burning, itching and redness. Your scalp has more blood vessels than any other area of the body and contains lots of nerve endings. There are many disorders that can cause a sensitive scalp and we suggest that you always check with your physician if you are experiencing a sensitive scalp. There are some things that you can do to minimize an itchy scalp if you have talked with a physician and ruled out any disorders. Some preservatives can irritate the scalp, we have no preservatives in our bars to eliminate this risk. Be sure to fully rinse out your shampoo as this can cause an itchy scalp. Some ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfoacetate can cause about 1% of the population to experience an itchy scalp, this is why we designed our Serenity Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. Some children and adults tend to have more sensitive scalps in general and can benefit from a fragrance free, preservative free product like our Naked Shampoo Bar and our Naked Conditioner Bar Our bars are pH balanced to provide gentle results. We have placed our Citrus Shine Shampoo bar in this category because most children do very well with this bar. It contains essential oils and it smells like froot loops, yum!

One of the best things you can use on a sensitive scalp is a brush with rounded bamboo bristles, it gently stimulates the scalp to increases blood flow and it has no sharp plastic edges to catch or scrape the scalp Bamboo Hair Brush