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Curly or Thick Hair

Ahhh curly hair, where to even begin? From the curly girl method to the curl classification system, porosity to protein sensitivities there is so much to learn about curly hair. Curly hair is a world of its own and there are many recommendations and classifications but when it comes down to it most thick curls need the same things. We are going to simplify curly hair because for this category we are talking about thick curly hair so we can eliminate a lot of varieties of curls as the products in this category are designed to offer an abundance of moisture and proteins, which may not be beneficial for fine curls. Curly hair has twists and turns making it more difficult for the cuticle to lay flat which makes it harder to seal in moisture. This can lead to breakage and dry hair. If you love a good co-wash (washing only with conditioner, eliminating shampoo all together) then you will love our conditioner bars. The bars in this category will leave your curls soft and bouncy, we recommend using our conditioner as a leave in, giving it extra humectants throughout the day to pull moisture from the environment. Try not to brush your hair when it is dry and wash less frequently. We also recommend our Liquid Gold Hair Oil Treatment your curls will thank you.

All of our bars are curly girl approved, sulfate free, alcohol free (cetyl alcohol is not a drying alcohol), and silicone free.