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Colored Hair

Whether you desire strawberry blonde, vibrant red, or jet black hair colour, there will be a stylist out there who can offer it to you. Coloured hair requires extra care if you want to make it last. The first reason we chose to be sulfate free (unlike most shampoo bars) was because we know that lots of our lovelies love to have vibrant, gorgeous coloured hair and using a sulfate shampoo can strip that colour you paid big bucks to have. We suggest waiting at least 72 hours before your first wash to allow the cuticle layer to close which will help lock in the colour. The longer you wait to wash your hair, the longer the colour has to fully absorb into your hair. The unfortunate reality is, the more you wash your hair, the faster the colour will fade but we all know you do need to wash your hair. We have created our shampoo and conditioner bars to be gentle, sulfate free and protein enriched to help lock in your colour and give you the best option when you wash your hair.
Amplify volumizing shampoo and conditioner bar gift set for normal hair scented with eucalyptus and orange essential oil all natural colourant annatto seed
2 bars + 1 Shower Container
Regular price $55.00
Travel Size Leave-In Conditioner Island Tropics
Regular price $10.00