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Bamboo Drinkware Cleaning Brush: Straight Brush

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Bamboo Drinkware Brush

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Bamboo Drinkware Brush with Coconut Fiber Bristles This natural cleaning scrubber will get the job done with its sturdy organic bamboo handle and strong plant derived sisal and coconut bristles. The perfect plastic free scrubber for tumblers and drinkware. Straight Drinkware Dimensions: 9 inches long 2.5 inches wide Rounded Drinkware Dimensions: 9 inches long 3 inches wide Ideal For: Zero waste/refill stores, gift stores, restaurants, cleaning companies, Co- Ops, housewarming gifts, office necessities, college send offs and so much more! Longevity: This brush will usually last 3 months, depending on how often it is used. To clean the bristles, boil the bristles for 1-2 minutes as needed. Environmental Impact: Being completely compostable, this cleaning brush won't harm our planet and will look good on your retail shelves. Let's make cleaning efficient AND earth friendly!