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Crystals Hair Eraser

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Skin + Body Care

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Say goodbye to painful razor bumps and unsightly strawberry legs. With the Hair Eraser, you can achieve silky smooth skin without the need for shaving. The innovative crystalline technology of our hair eraser effectively removes hair without the use of blades or other invasive methods. The Hair Eraser is designed with Nano-Crystals that are strategically placed on its flat surface. When applied to the skin, these crystals break down and clump the hair, leaving you with a hair-free and smooth area. Unlike shaving, the hair eraser doesn't leave sharp edges that can cause ingrown hairs. Please note that this product may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin or for use in sensitive areas. It is also most effective on hair that is 2mm or longer. Get ready to experience silky smooth skin with the Hair Eraser!