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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shampoo bar? 

A shampoo bar is a concentrated version of liquid shampoo in bar form. Traditional liquid shampoo can contain up to 80% water. Our shampoo bars contain all the beneficial cleansing and nourishing ingredients of a liquid shampoo without the unnecessary water. We add only the essential elements and press them into solid bars that are compact, convenient and take up less space in your shower. Removing the water also reduces the environmental impact by eliminating the plastic bottles required with a liquid version. 


Do Jack59 shampoo bars lather? 

Our bars create a rich bubbly lather with loads of bubbles that will leave your hair feeling silky soft, clean and healthy. It is true our bars are 100% sulfate free and many people believe sulfates are required to produce lather. This is absolutely not true as there are many sulfate free surfactants that create beautiful lather. It is also true that lots of lather is not necessary to properly cleanse your hair but in our research we have found that most people enjoy abundant amounts of bubbles. 


Do Jack59 shampoo bars contain sulfates? 

Our shampoo bars are 100% sulfate free. Some companies will say their bars are SLS free but not all consumers are aware there are many different sulfates that can be used in shampoo bars. The most common alternative to SLS is SCS (sodium coco sulfate) which has a pH of 7.5-10.5 and is composed of approximately 50% SLS. These two sulfates can cause drying and irritation to the hair and scalp. 


Are all shampoo bars the same? 

No, they are definitely not all the same. There are generally 3 types of shampoo bars. The first type are sulfate free and pH balanced, this is the type we designed. We created our bars to provide a gentle cleanse while adding nutrients for specific hair types. The results of our bars will be noticed very quickly. They add a silky soft feeling and a notable increase in manageability. The second type is probably the most common, they contain sulfates and create dry, itchy scalps, they are not naturally pH balanced. The third type is a soap bar marketed as a shampoo bar. While a very small percent of the population can tolerate this type of bar, the majority can not. This is the bar that most often creates a waxy build up due to unsaponified oils or crunchy, brittle hair. The pH is incredibly high and not recommended for use on hair. 


Is there an adjustment period when I start using Jack59 shampoo and conditioner bars? 

There is no adjustment period when you start using Jack59 shampoo and conditioner bars but some people find the results get better and better after a few uses depending on what

products they were using previously. Our bars allow the hair and scalp to gently cleanse without stripping oils or depositing any residues. 


Can shampoo bars be used on the body? 

Yes, our shampoo bars are fabulous to wash your face and body. Our bars contain moisturizing and conditioning ingredients that are also fabulous for your skin. We recommend rubbing your favourite shampoo bar onto an environmentally friendly poofy or face cloth to help your bar last longer. If you use your shampoo like a bar of soap and rub it directly onto your body your shampoo bar will not last as long. The bars work fabulously for travelling and camping trips. Reduce the number of products you need to pack and as a bonus you can bring back more souvenirs because of all the saved weight in your luggage. 


Are shampoo bars safe for colour treated hair? 

Yes, all of our bars are safe for colour treated hair. Our bars are more gentle than most shampoo bars and we have customers report that they can actually go longer between colour treatments, although some bars stimulate hair growth like our Vitality and Restore sets, so root growth is always going to need new colour treatment if desired. We also have the Blonde Bombshell set for processed blonde hair to remove brassiness and provide moisture unlike most liquid purple shampoos. 


Are shampoo bars the same as soap? 

No, shampoo bars are not the same as soap. Soap is created by mixing oils and lye together which creates a chemical reaction called saponification. Most people that make soap add extra oils to add moisture to your skin, this is what creates the soap scum that can be left in your sink. It is also the reason soap marketed as shampoo can leave a weird waxy build up on your hair. Bar soap has a high pH designed for skin not hair so when you use soap on your hair it can cause build up, oil removal, dryness, breakage and damage. Using products designed specifically for hair is the best way to keep your hair healthy, shiny and manageable. 


Will I have to use an apple cider vinegar rinse if I use a Jack59 shampoo bar? 

No, you will not have to use an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse if you use our shampoo bars. The reason some manufacturers suggest an ACV rinse is to balance the pH back to an ideal level for your hair and scalp. Our bars are naturally pH balanced to ideal hair and scalp levels so there is no reason to require an ACV rinse but if you like doing ACV rinses then you can continue to do so as it will not change the effectiveness of our shampoo or conditioner bars.