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Extending the Life of Your Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Posted by Courtenay Davidson on

We know there is an adjustment in the switch from liquids that can lead to your commitment being short lived. We want to set you up for success and teach you all the ways in which you will make the transition without frustration. Once you have the method down, we know you'll wonder why you hadn't started earlier!

We advertise our bars as super long lasting, which they are, but there are some ways of using and storing them that are critical to their long life. Let us explain. 

Our bars are made with ZERO water. This means that they are little sponges for moisture, and love to hold on to it given the opportunity. Water is also what activates their ingredients and puts them to work. Think of it as dehydrated liquid shampoo... This means they are super concentrated, requiring much less product than you may expect.


You don't need much water to activate our bars. When using the shampoo, all you need to do is thoroughly wet your hair, step out of the shower stream and work them in using the moisture from your locks rather than running water. When you use them directly in the stream, you are reducing the lifespan of the bars by rinsing away the formula - similar to using a handful of liquid product when you only need a dollop. If you find you need a little extra water to activate more product, just add a little more water to your hair and continue applying out of the stream! Another important tip is to not rinse the froth from the bar after use.


Storage of our bars is critical to the integrity of the product. Since we don't use any water to produce our bars, you need to ensure that they are being sufficiently dried in between uses. You can use one of our compostable shower containers or simply leave them to dry outside of the shower. With the containers, you should make sure the drainage holes are not clogged and are kept out of the shower stream. If you're finding they aren't drying completely with the lid on, pop the top when they are wet to allow for added air circulation. Always make sure your bars are fully dry before storing them in any airtight containers. 


Alternatively, you can store them with what you have on hand as well. A simple soap dish with drainage holes, a wood slat, a face cloth! Whatever works for you :)

If you live in a particularly humid climate, they may take a little extra time to dry out.



We don't recommend you share bars but if you are sharing a bar between multiple people in your household, make sure they know how to properly use and store them for longevity. Naturally, the more they are used, the less time they have to fully dry in between uses. Not allowing them to fully dry will contribute to them becoming mushy as they retain more water.


If you find the end of your bar is either too tiny to manage, or turns to mush because its size allows more water retention than desired, you can use a mesh soap saver bag and use them until they are fully gone. We love saving our ends and adding multiples to a bag to save!


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  • Hi Jack59 people!
    There are MANY people who just want to smell like themselves; not like a flower, or a fruit, the ocean or a Pina Colada. You don’t have to be sensitive to fragrances, to want to avoid them.
    I would really appreciate an unscented leave-in condition. I am unable to find one that is truly unscented.
    Maybe Jack59 could make one.
    Would really appreciate your help with this, Wendy
    Thank you.

    Wendy Simpson on

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