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Here in the lab at Jack59, there's nothing we get more excited about than creating products that live up to our sustainability goals. We're always looking for new ways to create items we feel great about - and that we know you'll feel great about, too!

This is one of the main reasons we created our shower container to hold your shampoo and conditioner bars when they're not in use. The eco-friendly design of these containers is just one reason people are snagging them.

We know how frustrating a soggy shampoo and conditioner bar is, and we wanted to create a solution that helped you prolong the life of your bars while creating a stylish, yet functional solution. Our 100% backyard compostable shower containers have been crafted in a design that allows water to drain completely through the container and away from your shampoo and conditioner bars, extending their lifespan. The removable lid protects your bars from water when not in use and doubles as a base when the bars are in a dry environment. It works fabulously for storing your shampoo and conditioner bars in your shower or on your countertop, plus it doubles as a travel container. Each container is custom printed with the Jack59 logo and comes in a reusable cotton bag. We have a colour selection of black, hemp and a beautiful cotton candy pink.

Shower Container
100% home compostable material
Regular price $22.95
Weekend Edition Travel Set
Regular price $32.00
Mesh Soap Saver Bag
Regular price $4.00
Jack59 Travel Bag
Regular price $24.95