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The Impact of Supporting Indigenous Businesses on Communities and Economies

Posted by Vanessa Marshall on

Supporting Indigenous businesses is more than just a purchasing decision; it's an investment in the future of diverse communities and economies. Indigenous entrepreneurs often face unique challenges, but their success can lead to substantial benefits for both their communities and the broader economy. Let's talk about the impact of supporting Indigenous businesses and provide practical tips on how consumers can contribute to this positive change.

Economic Empowerment and Community Development

Job Creation and Economic Growth

    Indigenous businesses play a critical role in creating jobs and stimulating economic growth within their communities. By providing employment opportunities, these businesses help reduce poverty and improve the standard of living. According to the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), Indigenous-owned businesses contribute billions to the Canadian economy annually​. This economic activity not only benefits Indigenous communities but also contributes to the national economy. 

    Cultural Preservation and Innovation

      Indigenous businesses often incorporate traditional knowledge and cultural practices into their products and services. This not only helps preserve cultural heritage but also promotes innovation. For instance, many Indigenous beauty brands use traditional ingredients and sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and consumers – Jack59 included! Supporting these businesses helps keep cultural traditions alive while encouraging innovative approaches to modern challenges.

        Social Impact and Community Well-Being

        Empowerment and Role Models

        Successful Indigenous entrepreneurs serve as role models within their communities, inspiring the next generation to pursue their own business ventures. This empowerment can lead to a ripple effect, where more community members feel confidence in starting their own businesses, further boosting economic growth and independence. With the added bonus of the greater population having access to Indigenous craft. 

        Environmental Stewardship

        Many Indigenous businesses prioritize environmental sustainability, drawing on traditional practices that emphasize harmony with nature. By supporting these businesses, consumers are contributing to environmental conservation efforts and promoting sustainable practices. This aligns with the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products and services.

        How Consumers Can Help 

        1. Shop from Indigenous-Owned Businesses

        One of the most direct ways to support Indigenous communities is by purchasing products and services from Indigenous-owned businesses. Websites like the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) and Shop First Nations provide directories of Indigenous businesses, making it easier for consumers to find and support them​.

        1. Spread the Word

        Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool. Share your positive experiences with Indigenous businesses on social media, write reviews, and recommend them to friends and family. Raising awareness helps these businesses reach a wider audience and gain more customers.

        1. Educate Yourself and Others

        Take the time to learn about the history and culture of Indigenous communities. Understanding the context in which these businesses operate can foster greater appreciation and support. Share this knowledge with others to help build a supportive and informed consumer base. 

        1. Participate in Indigenous Events

        Attend markets, fairs, and events that showcase Indigenous businesses and cultures. These events provide opportunities to directly engage with Indigenous entrepreneurs, learn about their products and services, and make purchases that support their growth.

        1. Advocate for Policy Changes

        Support policies and initiatives that promote the growth and development of Indigenous businesses. Advocacy can include signing petitions, contacting local representatives, and supporting organizations that work towards economic equity for Indigenous communities.

        Indigenous Brands We Love!


        Founded by Ian Gladue from Wabasca's Bigstone Cree Nation, Mitsoh offers traditionally smoked meats and pemmican, "Elder Approved" and crafted with love and cultural connection. Ian’s passion for sharing Indigenous foods stems from family traditions and the desire to restore and preserve North American Indigenous culture. 🍖✨

        Shop: Mitsoh Follow: Instagram | Facebook



        Mallory Yawnghwe, from the Saddle Lake Cree Nation, created Indigenous Box to uplift Indigenous entrepreneurs. This subscription box service curates products from Indigenous artisans, connecting them to new customers and promoting economic reconciliation. Each box is a celebration of Indigenous ingenuity and cultural richness. 📦❤️

        Shop: Indigenous Box Follow: Instagram | Facebook



        Delight in the unique flavors of Tee Pee Treats, where traditional Indigenous recipes meet modern culinary excellence. This local gem offers a variety of treats that honor and celebrate Indigenous culinary heritage. 🍪🏞️

        Shop: Tee Pee Treats Follow: Instagram | Facebook



        Kokum Scrunchies, founded by Mya Beaudry, adds a touch of Indigenous style to your look with handmade scrunchies. The vibrant fabrics used are inspired by traditional Indigenous patterns, blending modern fashion with cultural heritage. 💖🌀

        Shop: Kokum Scrunchies Follow: Instagram | Facebook



        Patrice Mousseau, from the Fort William First Nation, started Satya Organics to provide natural skincare solutions rooted in Indigenous medicine. Her products are effective, gentle, and crafted with a deep respect for traditional healing practices. 🌿💧

        Shop: Satya Organics Follow: Instagram | Facebook



        Leah Joseph from the Squamish Nation founded Slwálwen Botanicals to offer plant-based skincare and wellness products. Inspired by Indigenous knowledge and practices, her products promote holistic wellness and honor the connection to nature. 🌼🌱

        Shop: Slwálwen Botanicals Follow: Instagram | Facebook

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