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Why pH Balanced Shampoos Are Important for Your Hair

Posted by Vanessa Marshall on


When you hear the term pH, you might be transported back to your high school science class, where you conducted the simple experiment of dipping red and blue litmus paper into various solutions to determine whether they were acidic or basic. But did you know that pH matters when it comes to your hair care products? In fact, finding the right pH level for your hair can help you keep your locks shiny, smooth and manageable.


What Is pH?

Very simply put, pH is measured on a scale where 0 is the lowest value and 14 is the highest. Low values between 0 and 5 indicate that a substance is very acidic (think lemon juice and vinegar). High values between 9 and 14 indicate a substance is very basic (such as laundry detergent, baking soda, and alkaline batteries). A substance that measures between 6 and 8 is considered neutral; for example, pure water is a perfect 7 on the pH scale. 


Skin PH Scale

Photo credit Healthline

How Does pH Affect My Hair?

We use the pH scale to ensure all of our products are perfectly pH balanced for a variety of hair types. Human hair, and the oil your scalp naturally produces, has a pH range of 4.5 - 5.5, making the conditions of your scalp slightly acidic. This is a healthy pH level because it keeps the hair cuticles healthy. 

Most hair care products on the market disrupt the hair’s natural pH levels, causing problems like itchy and dry scalps or dry and frizzy hair. The vast majority of hair care companies don’t tell you the pH levels of their products, either. So, unless you read the ingredients and have a strong knowledge of chemistry combined with a passion for hair (like we do!), you might not be able to tell which product is best for you.


How Do I Choose the Right Hair Products?

Choosing the right product for your hair based on pH can make all the difference in the health and appearance of your hair. Most shampoos contain high levels of soap or harsh detergents, putting their pH levels into the pH scale’s base range. This leads to dry, frizzy hair with an increased risk of breakage. A slightly more acidic pH level (4.5 - 5.5) will lock in moisture, minimizing dryness and frizz, as well as reducing irritation and dry scalps. 

All of our hair products are based on slight variances in the pH levels of different peoples’ hair. Here are a few recommendations based on hair type: 

If you’re unsure what hair type describes you, take our hair quiz to find out exactly which bars will work best for your hair.


Ingredients Matter, and so Does pH!

All of our hair care products at Jack59 are carefully crafted using natural ingredients. The balanced pH formulas give you healthy, gorgeous hair, no matter your type. Try one for yourself and see the difference careful science can make!


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