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Shower Container

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100% home compostable material

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 Jack59's compostable Shower Container is a durable and convenient solution to keep your shampoo and conditioner bars organized and protected in your shower. This container is designed to hold 1 shampoo bar and 1 conditioner bar, making it perfect for people who want to eliminate single-use plastic bottles from their daily routine.

In addition to being functional, the compostable Shower Container is also esthetically pleasing, with a sleek and modern design that comes in three different colours. You can choose from black, pink, or hemp, depending on your personal style.

This container is an upgrade from traditional soap dishes because it has a unique drainage system that helps to extend the life of your hair bars. It allows water to drain away from your bars, preventing them from becoming soggy and disintegrating over time.

Made in Canada, the compostable Shower Container is an environmentally-friendly choice that helps to reduce waste and promote sustainability. It's also easy to clean, which makes it a low-maintenance addition to your bathroom routine.

The Jack59 compostable Shower Container is a practical, attractive, and eco-friendly solution for anyone who wants to simplify their shower routine and reduce their environmental impact.

The dimensions of the container are: Height=9cm, Length (across front view)=8cm, Width=7.5cm