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Other Natural Goodies

Although we are all about making outstanding sustainable hair products, we think you will appreciate these lovely, all-natural 'extras' such as hair accessories, body care products, and even storage containers that keep your shampoo and conditioner bars in tip-top shape.
Neon Yellow Bath bomb
Regular price $8.00
All Natural Deodorant
Regular price $18.00
Eve Deep Exfoliation Body Mitt
Regular price $30.00
Scalp Massagers in blue, beige, green and pink
Regular price $18.00
Change Toothpaste Tablets
Regular price $15.00
Calm Down Skin Salve
Regular price $30.00
Body Polish Bar
Up to 10 uses
Regular price $12.00 Sold Out
Bamboo Hair Brush
Rounded Bamboo Bristles
Regular price $24.00
Jack59 gift card
Various Denominations Available
From $10.00
Liquid Gold Hair Serum
Silicone Free
Regular price $29.95