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Pumice Stones

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Natural pumice stones are formed when lava and water mix. The lightweight and low-density formation of the pumice stone makes it a powerful exfoliator for callouses and corns, and works wonders on removing dirt from your feet. Your pumice stone can also be used as a whole-body exfoliator when used with a gentle pressure. We recommend soaking feet in warm water (shower or bath is fine!) for at least 5 minutes before using your pumice stone to get the best results. Follow up with your favourite foot lotion and pop on a pair of socks and your feet will feel 20 years younger.

Like all hygiene tools, make sure to regularly clean your pumice stone by soaking it in hot, soapy water and using a bristle brush to remove build-up on the surface. Always make sure your pumice stone is placed in a spot where it can thoroughly dry between uses.