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Beautiful on the Inside Bath Bombs - Discounted for Imperfections

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We never know which bath bombs are going to decide to break the mold, so your selection will be a surprise scent and colour! 

In making products completely by hand, these delicate treasures sometimes get a little knocked around, set imperfectly or decide they simply don't want to leave their batch mates and stubbornly stick together. But they do a few things right - they still fizz, nourish and add a beautiful fragrance and scent to your bath routine. 

So if you're not picky about aesthetics, these quirky cuties are for you!

Our bath bombs are loaded with moisture and contain only phthalate free fragrances. Once the bath bombs dissolve in an epic display of neon colour, the water will remain a lovely hue infused with your chosen scent and a beautiful layer of natural moisture. Kids love our bath bombs, but we know the adults are stashing them away to enjoy on their own too.

Ingredients: Baking soda, Citric acid, Slsa, Apricot oil, Fragrance oil, Neon Pigments, Witch Hazel