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Sweetgrass Braids - 4 inch

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Faiza Naturals

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Faiza Naturals Sweetgrass Braid (4 Inch)

Experience the enchanting aroma of our 4-inch Sweetgrass braids, crafted from the freshest California sweet grass cultivated on our very own farm. In addition to the 4-inch size, we offer longer 20-inch sweet grass braids for your convenience.

Sweetgrass, revered for its spiritual significance, has been used for centuries for purifying the spirit and attracting positive, luminous energy. Its delightful, vanilla-like fragrance imparts a sense of tranquility during rituals and circles. Known by various names like Seneca grass, holy grass, and vanilla grass, this extraordinary herb has been hailed as the sacred hair of Mother Earth, evoking feelings of tenderness, love, and benevolence she holds for her people.

At Faiza Naturals, nestled in the serene landscapes of Southern California, we take immense pride in hand-crafting each white sage bundle and sweet grass braid with meticulous care. Our commitment to eco-conscious practices shines through as we eschew pesticides and growth hormones, opting for sun-drying methods that preserve the lushness of our bundles in their most natural form.

Embrace the power of sacred smudging rituals with our premium Sweetgrass braids and feel the transformative energies embrace your space. And that's not all - explore our collection of diverse white sage smudge combinations, designed to cater to various preferences and needs.

Choose Faiza Naturals for a truly authentic, all-natural smudging experience that elevates your spiritual journey to new heights. Embrace the purity of nature's gifts and immerse yourself in the gentle essence of Sweetgrass today.